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Today, more than 6.000.000 people live in London and every year, more than nine million people come from countries all over the world to visit the city.

A quick and easy way to get to different places in the city is to use an Underground train. The trains run all day and most of the night. You can see much more of London from one of its famous red buses. There are some special buses for visitors that take you to many of the interesting places in the city on one journey that takes about one and a half hour. London taxis are called ‘black cabs’. Most of them are black but some are not. The drivers are friendly and helpful. It’s also possible to take a long boat trip along the River Thames and see lovely places in London and out of the city. London has interesting old buildings to visit, many of them are hundreds of years old: The Buckingham Palace – the home of the Queen; the Tower Bridge – opened in 1894, The Houses of the Parliament – the home of the British government and beautiful churches: St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. This abbey is where many kings and queens are crowned – or get the throne – and where the royal family get married.

London has beautiful parks and gardens, theatres, museums and art galleries. There are also streets with famous shops and markets and international restaurants and English pubs where you can drink the English beer. The typical English food is fish and chips. They’re cheap and good to eat. But there are many, many more things to see and do in London. Come and see!

(Adapted from London Factfiles – J. Escott – Oxford Bookworms 1)


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