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The Russian government will set up a telescope in Brazilian territory to monitor the growing threat of space debris. It is the first telescope for this purpose installed in Brazil. The forecast is that the Russian telescope will be operating by the end of the current year, probably in November.

The equipment will be installed at the Pico dos Dias Observatory, located in the municipality of Brazópolis. At an altitude of about 1,800 m, it will be the main facility for astronomical observation on Brazilian soil.

The telescope will be small-sized, with an aperture of 75 cm, but will have the ability to cover large areas of the sky — ideal configuration for monitoring space debris.

The cost was not informed, but will be fully funded by the Russians. Brazil is responsible for providing the space and the basic infrastructure.

The idea is that the telescope will work every day with visibility, monitoring objects in the Earth's orbit. With this it will be possible to create a database of locations and trajectories of debris that may present a risk of collision with active artificial satellites or even threaten damage to the surface of the Earth, in case of atmospheric reentry.

NOGUEIRA, Salvador. Translated by Marina Della Valle. Disponível em:. Acesso em: 27 set. 2016.


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