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Bossa Nova, Brazil’s unique mix of jazz and samba, celebrates 50 years this month with shows by one of the genre’s pioneers, João Gilberto, who brought The Girl from Ipanema to the world. The three concerts by 77-year-old Gilberto in Rio and São Paulo sold out within an hour of going on sale Thursday, testifying to the lasting appeal and inspiration of both the silky music and the singer’s hypnotically breathy performance.

Gilberto — the surviving member of the trio behind Bossa Nova that also counted composer Tom Jobim and  poet Vinicius de Moraes — has not sung in public in Brazil for five years. His reputation, though, has never diminished, ever since August 1958 when his singular voice and guitar playing appeared on Chega de Saudade (Enough Longing, or, more commonly in English, No More Blues), a tune by Jobim and Moraes.


That was the first track to lay out the cool, intimate harmonies of Bossa Nova that add complexity to samba’s more basic rhythms, giving it a jazz evolution whose impact has been felt over decades. US jazz greats Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd fell under its sway and added to its popularity.


(http://music.ndtv.com/story. August 17, 2008. Adaptado.)


No trecho do terceiro parágrafo do texto — That was the first track to lay out the cool, intimate harmonies of Bossa Nova —, a palavra that refere-se a

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