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UP 2015

Health group calls for ‘sugar tax’ to cut child obesity
A “sugar tax” should be introduced by the UK government to help curb obesity in childhood, a campaign group says.
Action on Sugar has produced a plan to discourage children from consuming foods and soft drinks with high levels of added sugar. The group wants measures brought in to cut added sugar in food by 40% by 2020, to cut fat in foods and to ban sports sponsorship by “junk food” companies. The Department of Health has said it will consider the recommendations. Action on Sugar is a group of specialists concerned with sugar and its effects on health. It says one in five 10 to 11-year-olds in the UK are now obese, while one in three are overweight. The group has produced an action plan for the government following a request for its views from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
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Consider the following facts:
1. Health group and campaign group are equivalent expressions.
2. Childhood obesity has already been controlled by UK government.
3. The UK government has considered two tax proposals to reduce sugar consumption.
4. Some goals considered by the health group are to reduce both sugar and fat in food.
The correct facts according to the text are:

Escolha uma das alternativas.