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Triathlete injured as drone filming race falls to ground
By Sarah Taillier
Updated Tue 8 Apr 2014, 12:59pm AEST

Reports that a drone hit an athlete competing in a triathlon in Western Australia’s Mid West are being investigated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

The filming drone was hovering above competitors in Geraldton’s Endure Batavia Triathlon about 9:00 am on Sunday when the operator lost control. It dropped about 10 metres, and competitor Raija Ogden says it hit her. Mrs Ogden said she then sat down because she thought she was going to faint. She sustained head injuries and was treated by paramedics before being taken to hospital in a stable condition. There have been conflicting accounts about whether Mrs Ogden was hit by the drone or whether she fell and was injured after being startled by it. But in an interview with the ABC, Mrs Ogden was adamant she was struck by the device, and said there were a number of witnesses. Mrs Ogden said the outcome of the crash could have been much worse. Mrs Ogden said she was in the early stage of the running component of the triathlon when she was hit by the drone. She sustained a number of head injuries and required three stitches.
She said despite feeling “sore and tired”, she was not put off by the ordeal and will return to Geraldton to compete in races. The drone is owned by local videographer Warren Abrams who said video footage clearly showed the drone drop just behind Mrs Ogden. He said the nature of her injuries suggested the drone missed her. CASA said there were clear rules covering the operation of an unmanned aircraft, including the requirement to fly a minimum of 30 metres away from people. In a statement the authority said the incident was a clear reminder of the need for
operators of unmanned aircraft to obey safety regulations at all times. Neither Mr Abrams nor his business appear on the list of the 92 operators certified nationally.
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