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UPE 2012

_____________I______________ so much more to Japanese cuisine than the sushi that’s so popular today. The simple and delicate flavors of sauce, miso, sake and mirin (sweet rice wine) abound in styles of cooking that range from yakitori (in which ingredients are grilled) to tempura (in which ingredients are dipped in batter and lightly fried to a delicate crisp). Since flavor and aesthetics are of great importance in Japanese cooking, well-prepared Japanese dishes are both ______________II______________and ______________III______________, a real treat for stomach and the eye.


(Adaptado de Beyond the sushi: the pleasures of Japanese food. In: All Set!. DONNINI, Lívia &MPLATERO, Luciana. Boston (MA): Heinly Cengage Learning, 2009.)


Considerando a gramática e o contexto, a sequência cujas palavras completam corretamente as lacunas I, II e III está na alternativa

Escolha uma das alternativas.