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UPE 2012

Am I all right?

While John Gilbert was in hospital, he asked his doctor to tell him whether his operation had been successful, but the doctor refused to do so. The following day, the patient asked for a bedside telephone. When he was alone, he telephoned the hospital exchange and asked for Doctor Millington. When the doctor answered the phone, Mr. Gilbert said he was inquiring about a certain patient, a Mr. John Gilbert. He asked if Mr. Gilbert’s operation had been successful and the doctor told him that it had been. He then asked when Mr. Gilbert would be allowed to go home and the doctor told him that he would have to stay in hospital for another two weeks. Then Dr. Millington asked the caller if he was a relative of the patient. ‘No,’ the patient answered, ‘I am Mr. John Gilbert.’

ALEXANDER, L. G. Practice and progress. Longman. London, 1978.

Read the paragraph and fill in the blanks using a preposition.

Freddie Mercury was born ______ September 5th, 1946. He was the vocalist _____ the band rock
“Queen” and composed many hits _____ the band. As the lead _____ “Queen”, he travelled all _____ the world. Freddie Mercury died ____ 1991.

Escolha uma das alternativas.