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UPE 2012

GM crops: solution or problem?


Supermarkets want to sell cheap food – and fruit and vegetables that look big, bright and “perfect”. To grow these, some farmers use more and more chemicals on their crops. When you eat an apple, _________________________________?

GM (Genetically-modified) crops sound like a great idea. They don’t get diseases like normal crops. They produce lots of strong plants. They are cheap. Isn’t this a great way to feed the world, especially poor countries? The problem is, nobody __________________ the consequences! Are GM crops a step too far? Will they affect our environment – and us? We don’t know! Disponível em:

HOLDEN, Susan. Environment Portfolio Series. São Paulo: Macmillan, 2004. (Adaptado)


Considerando o contexto e as normas gramaticais da língua, marque a alternativa em que a sentença e o verbo completam, CORRETAMENTE, as respectivas lacunas do texto.

Escolha uma das alternativas.