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UPE 2012



Volunteering to help out with something you believe in can be one of the most gratifying and enjoyable things you can do. It gives you an opportunity to change people’s lives, including your own. And it can be fun! Volunteering is a fulfilling experience in many ways.


As a volunteer working with others, you’ll learn to appreciate and work with people’s difference. As a result, you’ll stay in touch with your community’s needs. Your social awareness will grow through real experience.


Volunteering empowers you. Many volunteer jobs require you to act independently and take initiative. Such jobs give you a sense of control over your life: you set your goals, make your choices and follow your routine.


Since the International Year of Volunteers (2001), the number of volunteers in Brazil has doubled, rising from 22 million to 44 million. However, only 7% of young people in Brazil are volunteers, as opposed to 62% of youngsters in the United States.


Volunteering can reveal hidden talents. You may be able to assume responsibilities or take on challenges you didn’t know you were capable to do.


Many people report feeling healthy and content as a result of their volunteer activities. Go ahead. Give a try!
(Texto adaptado) PLATERO, Luciana e DONNINI, Lívia. All Set! Volume único. Student book. Boston: HEINLY Cengage Learning, 2009.


Com base no texto Volunteering, analise os itens a seguir:


I. Muitos trabalhos voluntários exigem que você aja com independência e tome inciativa, dando-lhe a sensação de controle sobre a própria vida.
II. Desde o Ano Internacional dos Voluntários (2001), o número de voluntários cresceu bastante no Brasil, chegando a dobrar.
III. Ser voluntário no Brasil é muito difícil, pois não há instituições ou organizações que se encarreguem de sistematizar essa atividade.
IV. O voluntariado favorece aos jovens um perfil de funcionário exemplar, além de um currículo invejável e acesso à universidade.
V. No Brasil, o voluntariado vem crescendo entre os jovens, mas ainda está longe do que acontece em outros países, como os Estados Unidos.


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