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UPE 2013


In TV shows and movies, teenagers are often angry and unhappy. But according to a recent survey, most of today’s young people are affectionate, reasonable, and happy. In other words, teenagers are not so bad after all.


The survey says that most teenagers get along well with their parents. Though teens go to their friends for advice on music and clothes, they go to their parents when they have a problem. They ask their parents for advice on college and careers. Most teenagers think that their parents understand and love them. Many even think that their parents are cool!


Of course, teenagers keep secrets from their parents, but these are usually just teen items such as diaries, CDs, and magazines.  


 And who do teenagers choose for their heroes? Many teens choose a family member, not a singer or an actor. Most teens say they like spending time with both parents and friends.


In short, today’s teenagers are very nice kids. As the band The Who used to sing, the kids are all right.

Teacher’s Edition – Brian Abbs, Chris Barker, Ingrid Freebairn – Longman, New York, 2003. Adapted from Postcards 1


According to the text above, a survey is a

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