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UPF 2014

About the National Reading Campaign 

In 2008 a group of volunteers — writers, teachers, librarians, parents, young people, and book and magazine publishers — got together to talk about a nationwide way to make Canada a country of readers. Over the course of four years, the group grew and organized three national summits, held in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver (with distance participation from across the country). The summits provided an opportunity to learn about the national reading plans around the world, from Brazil to the Netherlands, to discuss the best of the many innovative programs already in place in Canada, and to use this information as a base for developing our own National Reading Plan. Word has spread and more volunteers have come together in working groups of more than a hundred participants. The National Reading Plan is the fruit of all this information.

In 2012, The National Reading Campaign was incorporated as a not-for profit organization. 

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