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UPF 2014

Sense and Sensibility (1995)
(Based on Jane Austen‘s book) 
James Fleet – John Dashwood
Tom Wilkinson – Mr Dashwood
Emma Thompson – Elinor Dashwood 

Sometimes the Dashwood girls do not seem like sisters. Elinor is all calmness and reason, and can be relied upon for practical, common sense opinions. Marianne, on the other hand, is all sensibility, full of passionate and romantic feeling. True love can only be felt by the young, of course. And if your heart is broken at the age of seventeen, how can you ever expect to recover? 

(Retrieved and adapted from http://www.oupbookworms.com. Access on September 23rd, 2013) 

In the statement "Marianne, on the other hand, is […]", the expression in bold indicates: 

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