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UPF 2014

Youth Theatre Arts Scotland Professional Developmen

Interchage 2014 - Bursary Application Form

When you have filled in this form, please email it with your Interchange Booking Form to abiil@ytas.org.uk Please Note: Bursary applications can only be accepted from Youth Theatre Arts Scotland members. If you would like to apply for a bursary but are not yet a member of YTAS, you can join from just £15 a year. Full details of how to join YTAS are available here

Contact Details:

Name: __________________________

Organisation Name: (if applicable) __________________________

Bursary Application:

We are delighted to be able to offer 3 full weekend bursaries (including 2 nights’ room-only accommodation and travel) for Interchange 2014 to YTAS members who:

a) can demonstrate a genuine need for financial assistance;

b) can demonstrate a genuine need for a training opportunity at this point in their career; and

c) can explain what impact they expect attending Interchange to have on their work with young people.

Bursary application deadline - Friday 28 February 2014

Bursaries will be awarded by the YTAS Board of Directors and all successful applicants will be required to provide post-event feedback detailing how the bursary helped their professional development.

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Retrieved and adapted from: http://www.ytas.org.uk/wpcontent/uploads/2010/11/INTERCHANGE-2014_BURSARYAPPLICATION-FORM.pdf. Access on March 26th, 2014


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