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UPF 2015

Answer question(s) according to text.

    Bag your Bags, Bring 'em Back

    The best way to recycle your plastic bags and film is to bring them back to a store that collects them for recycling. Just stuff them clean and dry into a single plastic bag, tie it up, and drop it into a plastic bag collection container found at the retail partners. Note: The stores listed below have partnered with King County to promote the Bag Your Bag campaign. There may be other stores not listed that accept plastic bags for recycling.
    1Plastic bags and film collected at grocery stores stay cleaner and are easier for recycling facilities to process than bags placed in your home recycling collection bin. The bags are turned into new products like decking, benches, playground structures, and new plastic bags. And remember to bring along your reusable bags when you shop.
    The Bag your Bags, Bring 'em Back campaign is a partnership between the King County Solid Waste Division and local grocery stores to show the best way to recycle plastic bags.

(Retrieved and adapted from http://your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/garbage-recycling/bag-your-bags.asp. Access on September 28th, 2014)

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