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   Finally, a different approach that has millions of people talking. Using the award-winning Dynamic Immersion method, our interactive software teaches without translation, memorization, or grammar drills. Combining thousands of real-life images and voices of native speakers in step-by-step immersion process, our programs successfully replicate the experience of learning your first language. Guaranteed to teach faster and easier than only other language product or your money back. 1No question asked.
    Award-winning software successfully used by U.S. State department diplomats, Fortune 500 executives and millions of people worldwide. Step-by-step immersion instruction in all key language skills: LISTENING: the Rosetta Stone uses native speakers and everyday language to develop your understanding naturally and easily; READING - text exercises develop your reading skills by licking written languages to real-life objects, actions and ideas; SPEAKING - 2speech - recognition feature records and compares your voice to the native speaker's, grading your pronunciation; WRITING - dictation exercises evaluate your spelling, syntax and punctuation.
    Each fully interactive course includes: CD-ROM curriculum with 92 lessons; previews, exercises and testing for each lesson; 3automated tutorials that "learn" where you need help; Curriculum Text and user's Guide.
    Call today or buy online for an exclusive 10% discount. Rosetta Stone - Language Learning Success.
Adapted from: Popular Science, Aug. 2004.

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