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PUC-MG 2015

Read the following passage and choose the option which best completes each question, according to the text:

Bubblews pays users to use social network

  Social media startup Bubblews wants to revolutionize social networking by paying users to share their content. “It’s a new perspective on the social networking model,” said Arvind Dixit, the 26 year-old Bubblews CEO (Chief Executive Officer). “One of our fundamental beliefs is that when someone is providing a service to you, you should compensate them.” Bubblews is sharing a portion of its ad revenue with users, paying a penny for a like, view, or comment on its site. Payments are made to a ‘Bubblews bank’ and, after reaching $50 can be cashed out.
  At least one analyst thinks that the Bubblews model could shake things up in a social networking world dominated by titans like Facebook and Twitter. "The idea that social media users will continue to contribute to networks for free has a fixed limit, because most people have bills to pay and should, over time, favor sites that share profits with them over those that do not,” wrote Rob Enderle, principal analyst at tech research firm Enderle Group.
  Bubblews is encouraging people to share their passions in a minimum of 400 characters, supplemented by photos. 1Although in the last stage of testing up until now, the site has over 20 million visitors a month from more than 240 countries. Each post on Bubblews is known as a ‘bubble’, and the site uses a plus sign (+) instead of hashtags.
   Jason Zuccari, Bubblews president told that the site has already had a positive financial impact on members of its user community. “People aren’t going to be able to quit their job, but it’s good to add things to their life that they never had before,” he said, using the example of a woman in the Philippines who was able to buy a refrigerator.

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The words up until nowin “Although in the last stage of testing up until now” (ref. 1) convey an idea of

Escolha uma das alternativas.

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