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Actually x Nowadays

Actually: na verdade
He said he liked it. But he didn’t, actually.


Nowadays: atualmente
There’s huge violence in politics nowadays.


Anticipate x Advance

Anticipate: prever
I have the gift of anticipating trouble.


Advance: antecipar (no sentido de acelerar, fazer acontecer antes) / trazer para a frente
Smoking advances skin aging.
Advance your clocks one hour.
The general will advance his soldiers to the front position.


Exquisite x Weird

Exquisite: formidável
This museum is full of exquisite art.


Weird: estranho
What are those weird lights? Are those aliens?


Anthem x Aerial

Anthem: hino
What is the most beautiful national anthem you have ever heard?


Aerial: antena / aéreo
We need to install a new aerial.
Today we are going to study aerial animals.


Balcony x Counter

Balcony: sacada
The president and his wife were at the balcony, waving to the people.


Counter: balcão
Your sandwich is on the counter, sir.


Fabric x Factory

Fabric: tecido
I am allergic to synthetic fabrics.


Factory: fábrica
You need to use certain equipment when visiting a factory.


Barracks x Tent

Barracks: alojamento
I don’t have good memories of the Army and their barracks.


Tent: barraca
Homeless people live in tents.


Bond x Street Car

Bond: conexão, ligação / conectar, ligar, unir
There’s a huge bond between twins.


Street car: bonde
The Santa Teresa street cars, in Rio, were very charming.


College x School

College: instituto de ensino superior
People want to have a great job after leaving college.


School: escola, colégio
The kids are at school now, so we have the whole afternoon for us.


Comprehensive x Understanding

Comprehensive: abrangente
I’m taking a comprehensive course on modern art.


Understanding: entendimento / compreensivo
My understanding of politics is quite limited.
She is a very understanding person.


Journal x Newspaper

Journal: registro
Explorers keep a detailed journal of all their trips.


Newspaper: jornal
Everybody should read the newspaper more often.


Parents x Relatives

Parents: pais
What makes a good parent?


Relatives: parentes
I don’t visit my relatives very often.


Ingenious x Naive

Ingenious: engenhoso, genial, inteligente
That’s certainly an ingenious machine.


Naive: inocente
Some newspapers manipulate naive people.


Record x Recall

Record: registrar
This smartphone app records the number of steps we take each day.


Recall: recordar-se
I can’t recall what I had for breakfast this morning.


Support x Bear

Support: apoiar ou sustentar (fisicamente, emocionalmente ou financeiramente)
I can’t support a family.
Friends can support you through difficult times.


Bear: suportar (fisicamente ou não), tolerar
I can’t bear 5 minutes close to kids shouting.


Lace x Ribbon

Lace: renda / amarrar (cadarço)
Have you seen this new collection of lace blouses?
My shoes lace up the side, unlike ordinary shoes.


Ribbon: fita ou laço / enfeitar com laço
My dog always come from the petshop with a colored ribbon around his neck.
My doll has her hair ribboned.


Commodity x Convenience

Commodity: produto comercial
If commodity prices go even lower, the country will face an unprecedented crisis.


Convenience: conveniência, conforto ou facilidade.
Where’s the closest convenience store?
We have free coffee in the waiting room, for your convenience.


Conceal x Advice

Conceal: esconder
Some women conceal their age.


Advice: conselho (sendo “advise” o verbo)
Please, don’t ignore my advice.


Fate x Fact

Fate: destino
Some claim they can read people’s fate in cards and oracles.


Fact: fato, verdade
Specialists are trying to gather some facts about hair loss and find a cure.


Figure x Picture

Figure: número, valor, dado estatístico
The country’s growth figures are not that good, thanks to the international crisis.


Picture: fotografia, imagem
I love taking pictures anywhere.


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